Burn Safely

Burn Safely

For safety from wood smoke, you can wear a mask or sit near a small fan or open window.

If you plan to get more heavily into pyrography, we recommend the following safety tools:

Fume extractor—BEST

This is a small fan-like object that actually sucks the fumes in through its carbon filters.

Tabletop Fan—Works fine

This works best when positioned close to your work, but pointing away from you. This way the blowing air does not cool off your pen tip.


We recommend a mask that has a carbon filter, to protect your lungs from damaging fumes, which can cause problems over time with longer exposure to wood smoke. Two masks that we use are the RZ Mask and the half-respirator.

Finger Protection from Burns

If you tend to burn your fingers on your pyrography pen, we recommend a set of heat resistant finger protection guards, like these ones on Amazon.

Never Wood Burn This Way…

Never wood burn without mouth and nose protection if you are burning on wood that has been coated with any type of finishing product.

Never burn over color, whether it’s paint, crayon, marker, or anything else. Always burn first and add color last.

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