Gone Fishing…so to speak

Tazboards is moving again.

It’s all good. We are excited about the move. We are just sorry to tell you that we won’t be able to fill orders for the time being until we get set up in our new location, likely in early September. (If you already ordered something from us and paid your deposit, don’t worry—we got you!)

If you read our previous moving story two years ago, you already know that we moved all the way across the country from California to Northern Virginia and restarted Tazboards in a new state, in a bigger and better wood shop.

It’s time to do it again, except this time we aren’t going Quite so far. At least not going from coast to coast. But it does mean we are going to have to shut down production for a little while. (It also means we can get an even bigger and better wood shop, but we’ll have to see what we can find; our 2-car garage wood shop is filled to capacity.)

Stay tuned for information about a moving sale on many of our in-stock items such as one-of-a-kind charcuterie boards, serving trays, a few wooden spoons, earrings, and the like, as well as some of our lesser-used wood shop equipment (a smaller band saw, and…I was going to be all smart and list some of the things we are selling, but I don’t actually know what the Dreaded Woodworker is going to be willing to part with), and a s*&t-ton of beautiful raw wood that we don’t want to move with us.

Tazboards Spoon Mule Wood Carving
Undecided on whether the Spoon Mule comes with us or goes up for sale.

We’ll miss you, but we’ll also still be here, scheming and dreaming. And you can continue to see us posting on Instagram, sharing more behind-the-scenes of how we make cutting boards, butcher blocks, serving trays, charcuterie boards, coasters, spoons, and other bespoke tazboards items.

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